Author of Children's Books

Coming Soon
I'm always writing and working on the "next" story.  Good writers don't just sit on one story and hope for the best.  The more I write, the better I get.  It's like anything you want to be good at ... you need to practice.

These are some of my projects in the works.  I'll update this page with a publishing date, a title, and a better description for any that are contracted. 

Kick the Cowboy Continues
In this second episode of Kick the Cowboy, will Desperado Dave "get his goat" or can Belle help Kick come to his senses and understand what being the greatest cowboy really means?
A Pirate Story
Ned has reached the pinnacle of pirate life, but he's not happy.  Follow Ned on his adventures to seek true happiness and not just treasure.

A Pirate Story (for the girls)
Katie decides she wants to be a pirate, but things will be different.  From designing clothes to table manners, this young girl changes Captain Black Bart and his salty crew into respectable pirates.

A Fishing Story
In this simple story, a young boy recalls the adventures he's experienced with his dad and it all centers around fishing.

A Chapter Book
This is my first chapter book.  Sam Wisdom lives in White Bluff, Montana.  He struggles with the loss of his father and the fear of never being happy again.  In one summer he finds hope in a Blackfoot Indian named Billy Two Guns.  Follow Sam on his journey ... I don't want to give too much away.

Plus a few others I am working on at the moment. 
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