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For Kids ... Here you'll find information on my books, tips on writing, and other pages I hope are fun and useful. Click on the Videos page to hear about my stories and from the illustrators.  There are puzzles to try on the Interactive page and on the Downloads for Kids page there are printable bookmarks.  I'd love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.

For Teachers ... If you're a teacher or librarian and want me to visit your school, go to the School Visits page for more information and the Contact Me page to email me for availability.  I'm a teacher, too, and love talking to kids about writing.  I can even do a web cam visit.  There is a printable version of my writing tips for lower and upper elementary grades, Writing Performance Tasks for grades 3-5 with Checklists and Rubrics, other writing projects, some books that I found useful for teaching writing, and my thoughts on writing.  Check out the Teachers and Ideas pages for more details and printable lessons.   

Joe Gribnau



Kick the Cowboy has been selected as a Finalist for a 2010 Spur Award by the Western Writers of America in the Story Telling catagory.  The book is also an Accelerated Reader book.

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